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Social Distancing Solutions

Social Distancing Solutions

Social distancing products are in high demand these days, this is especially true in a commercial office. In most areas of life social distancing is and easy task. If we are with the kids at the ballpark, or in the shopping malls, or grocery stores and such we can simply stand apart from everyone else. But in the office, space is limited and at full capacity social distancing by traditional measures just aren't realistic. That is why so many offices have turned to products that allow for social distancing safely in a confined space.

Just what are social distancing products? We have all become accustomed to seeing plexiglass and acrylic panels at transaction counters in daily life. Buying gas at a convenience store, making a purchase at a department store, and making transactions at a bank teller are all examples of the most basic social distancing products on the market. These products at a minimum provide a wall of protection between two people. That is the goal of commercial office social distancing products, to ensure a separation between employees in the work area.

Social Distancing Products

While these items were used semi-frequently in work-places prior to the pandemic, they are now seen as a staple in commercial work spaces and retail settings.

Cubicle Walls

Desk Dividers

Plexiglass Brackets

Why are social distancing products so important? The changes to our daily safety since the onset of the pandemic have shown that we were living a carefree lifestyle when danger was always around the corner. Throughout the pandemic, changes have been made out of necessity to ensure the safety of everyone. As the world tries to return to a new normal. This new normal includes social distancing measures continuing to be a part of our daily lives.

Now that we have gotten beyond the phase of haphazardly throwing up plexiglass panels everywhere in a moment of hysteria, we can finally approach social distancing products as part of an overall office plan. That means that we can install commonsense solutions that are a part of not only the layout but also the design of the office. Products such as sneeze guards, desk divider panels, and room dividers are all made with style in mind. You need room dividers but are afraid that they will not match the office color palette? No worries, they come in over two dozen color options. Desk dividers now have frosted glass options to go along with these color options.

No matter what the future holds, workplace safety will be a top priority. The social distancing measures that we took in our offices were necessary and need to continue, but that doesn't mean that they have to be an eyesore. With a little effort these measures can be put into place in a way that they appear to be just another part of the office. Moving forward, social distancing products are going to be a big part of a commercial office environment, but that doesn't mean that they have to stand out in a big way.